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          Religious & 精神生活 

          TCU的基础是为追求更好的知识而建立的。我们的历史性 与基督门徒的盟约通知我们的根源作为文学学院, 在教育旅程中重视他人的观点。

          Students in a circle activity with a child

          Religion & Faith at TCU

          在我们的校园里,我们的校园里有超过60个宗教传统 鼓励探索,练习或发展他们的信仰。我们支持精神和 TCU社区每个成员的伦理生活。


          Close up of pinkish purple flowers blooming on a shrub on the TCU campus.

          Support & Care

          We're here for every member of the Horned Frog family. The Office of Religious & Spiritual 生活在悲伤,损失和生命的转向时提供田园护理和支持 要点。


          Rev. Todd Boling of TCU Religious and 精神生活 talks to a student in his office.
          A circle of people holding candles gather for a nighttime prayer vigil on the lawn of the TCU campus.


          Religious & 精神生活 advises the more than 22 student religious organizations 在校园。学生可以加入任何这些社区或与我们的员工联系 寻找信仰社区的校外。我们甚至可以帮助您创建一个新组织。


          Close up of female TCU student looking thoughtful as she holds a candle before her face.
          The steeple of the 罗伯特卡路里 on the TCU campus, framed by trees and a blue sky.

          Spaces & Places

          我们的校园以及周围的社区,提供了许多美妙的地方 在其中聚集或独自反思。


          A young women sits alone and looks down intently at her book in the sunlit lobby of TCU's Moudy Hall North.

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